Best Mattresses for the best Effects for Your Child

Only the best is good enough for your child. This applies in particular to the choice of a mattress. In addition to being comfortable, a mattress must first offer a safe sleeping place. Difficult? Not with the following handy tips.

Baby’s first mattress

A cold foam or pocket spring mattress is a great start for your baby. Both mattresses give your baby optimal support. For extra comfort and safety, a Mattress Austin topper is recommended. This top mattress has a special 3D structure; this 3D structure ensures good air permeability. In the first weeks it is more difficult for your baby to keep his body at temperature. This problem is prevented with the ventilation process. In addition, the risk of choking is reduced to a minimum in the case of stomach sleeps thanks to the breathable protector. A whole reassurance!

To a big bed

Around the age of 2 to 2.5 years your child will switch to a “big” bed. For this phase, which usually takes 10 years, our sleep expert advises a pocket spring mattress. This mattress supports your child’s body locally, where necessary. In addition, you create the ideal sleeping environment with this mattress. Thanks to the breathable and moisture regulating properties you prevent allergies and heat build-up

From teen to adult

Teenagers and young adults change hard. The construction of the body and also the weight changes during this period. It is advisable to choose a new mattress in this phase of life; with the right features, perfectly suited to your teen. Which? Here is no ready answer to give. Matter of trying out what is the best. Mattress Austinsleep expert will gladly help you!

Extra tips:

Make sure the mattress fits perfectly in the bed frame so that your child can not get trapped.

Take a mattress with a detachable cover that is washable at least 60 degrees.

Choose a mattress (and also for bed linen) that is made of breathable materials.

Make sure you choose a mattress with ventilating properties.

Don’t take too soft a mattress to prevent the head of your child from sinking into it.

Choose a mattress that fits the weight class of your child