Types of mattresses: You must have Knowledge about

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It is true that there are other types of mattresses beyond these two major categories. Some manufacturers make air mattresses, where the firmness is achieved with air chambers instead of springs. There are still water beds, where water is the main point of support for the mattress. They represent a very small percentage of this industry.

There are two basic categories of mattresses.

  • Springs: The spring mattresses of a lifetime. These can all be joined or integrated individually (bagged).
  • Foams: These include different types of materials and foams. Within this category are latex and viscoelastic mattresses.

There is also a category of developing beds known as “hybrid beds” and they meet some of the characteristics of foam mattresses with a core of springs. In the end they are very similar to certain spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses

Most mattresses that you will find are springs. They are composed of metal springs with fibers and foams around. The cheaper ones usually have the old structure of springs, all hooked together. Those that have the shape of an hourglass are called “Bonnell” springs, but other manufacturers have developed variations to this form (such as “offset” or “continuous spring”). Generally they are a little cheaper than those of pocket springs, but they do not adapt so well to the shape of the body nor do they avoid the transmission of movements. For that you need to visit https://www.amerisleep.com/retail/Austin-the-domain.


The best spring mattresses use pocket springs. This type of spring allows the mattress to adapt to the shape of your body, giving better support and exerting less pressure. In addition, mattresses spring bagged are better at the time of not transmitting movement from one side of the bed to another. If one person moves or changes position, the other will not notice much.

Conventional spring mattress

The foams disposed on the springs may have different densities. You can get a mattress with firm foam on the top or softer foam. Manufacturers should sew on the side of the mattress a sample of the foam they have used to see the quantity and quality they have put.

Pillow top spring mattress

Do not pay much attention to the name you have put on the mattress. Most of the technical words and Anglicisms that they use do not usually represent the true qualities of the mattress and the concepts are based on pure marketing. Try them and spend a little time in them to check support and comfort, whatever you call the mattress.