Understand Your Chances for the Perfect Mattresses

When it comes to sleeping, only the best is good enough for everyone. Ventilating materials, rich fabrics and innovative, durable springs are the basis of every sleep system from Mattress Firm Glendale. They only use high-quality materials. That is a conscious choice for you. This allows guaranteeing the comfort and durability of all your box springs, mattresses and beds. They have the entire production of all kinds of sleep systems in their own hands and house.

Guaranteed comfort sleeping

To enjoy a good night’s sleep, sustainability is a requirement for all materials we use. Take, for example, the highly ventilating properties of sleeping systems. Perspiration is optimally drained so that fungi and house dust mite are less likely. This sleep fresh and healthy and prolongs the life of the mattress. Pocket springs also last for years. They retain their shape and resilience so that you wake up refreshed every morning. Whatever bed or mattress you choose, it is guaranteed that you have healthy sleeping comfort for years.

The guarantees of Mattress Firm Glendale

Choosing the perfect bed can be tricky. Your dealer can help with this. It is recommended that you take plenty of time to test. Are you not enjoying yourself once at home? Experts offer you the possibility to exchange your mattress core free of charge within 60 days if it has to be slightly harder or softer. For all our mattresses we only use high-quality pocket springs. With peace of mind we therefore give you 25 years warranty on spring breakage. You can also rely on a long warranty on all other parts of our sleep systems.

Guarantee scheme.

Mattress Firm Glendale gives a guarantee on material and manufacturing faults based on annual depreciation of 1/5 of the purchase value on box springs, brand mattresses and top mattresses and transverse spiral bed bases (with the exception of engines and other electronics). On steel (space-saving) beds we give a 3-year warranty on material and manufacturing faults based on annual depreciation of 1/3 part of the purchase value. On all engines and electronics, a full warranty of 2 years is in force (with the exception of batteries, cables, plugs and lights). You can have many more years warranty on spring breakage on our pocket springs. For the complete warranty conditions or additional information about the warranty scheme, please contact the sales office.